I am  launching this personal website in conjunction with the release of 'The King Who Came to Earth'. This is a biography of my Spiritual Master Dr. George King which I was fortunate to co-author with my good friend and colleague Dr. Richard Lawrence.


Many who know of the work and teachings of Dr. King consider this biography to be particularly important. So I thought it would be good to create a site for those interested to learn more about me and perhaps come to understand how I found myself to be chosen as a co-author of this important book.


If you would like to know more about this book, please visit its companion website. www.drgeorgeking.org




The story about Dr. King and my regular Taichi practice

I do Taichi regularly. Dr. King has actually told me that if I considered him as my Spiritual Master, then I would do Taichi every day.


Learn more about my personal stories/experiences with Dr. King.

a picture is worth a thousand words

I invite you to learn more about me by taking a look at the various photo albums on this site, accessible via the respective album links below. I was an avid photograher since my high school days. My interest in photography enabled me to document quite a significant number of photos about Dr. King and The Aetherius Society from the 1980s on and especially in the last 10 years of Dr. King's life. More of the photos shared on this site were actually not taken by me as they are from the pre-selfie era.

Young and restless
1974 was a significant year. As an 18-year old lad, my parents allowed me to take a year off before starting university to go on a 10-month adventure in Central America. During this trip, I learned about God and the power of prayer. Above: passport photo from that period.
Dr. King and me
This is one of my favorite shots of Dr. King and me when I was in my late 20s. See other favorites of mine in the album.
Wearing my Bishop "hat"
With my co-author
Here's a select few photos taken over the 6 years when we met to get inspiration and work on the biography of Dr. King
Sharing King Yoga
Besides this photo from Yogananada Fest in 2018, this album contains a selection of photos of me sharing King Yoga at different events, including festivals, pilgrimages and lectures/classes.
Favorite shots I took
These are some of my favorite shots from recent years since Dr. King's passing. Interestingly, they are all from different sacred sites.
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Wearing my Bishop "hat"

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