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My journey - from a Pre-Med to Dr. George King's Disciple

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Wondering what my first meeting with Dr. King was like? And what it meant to be with an avatar for 24/7. Learn about these and more in this blog post.

Above: Yours truly in 1978 - the year I moved from Chicago to L.A., to immerse myself at the Headquarters of The Aetherius Society, to be in the presence of a great Master.

"On January the 23rd, 1978, in your western timing, the person you know as George King will enter the next major phase of his mission to Terra. This phase will be different from the other phases, which have been executed to date. This phase will necessitate his concentration in specialized ways. Therefore, he must detach from the mass of small details, which together help to run your organization. Whatever changes are needed to bring this about must be done as soon as you can do them."

~ The Master Aetherius - September 18, 1977

I stumbled my way into the American Headquarters just a few months after Phase 3 officially began.

I had been a Member for a little under 2 years, having co-founded a Twelve Blessings Group in Carbondale, Illinois at the Southern Illinois University. After seeing a constant flow of material being sent to all Members I could clearly see how much I was missing at the Headquarters in Los Angeles and I finally decided to make the move out West.

I had communicated with the Headquarters telling them my skills and desires, and they had invited me to come out. The main reason from their point of view seemed to be an imminent and very large redecoration of the Temple, This was due to include dropping the high peaked ceiling of the Church, which was built in the 1880s.

I set out with another Member from our Twelve Blessings Group, who had just graduated from Nursing school. I was a little anxious about fitting all of my belongings with hers in my car, but could hardly refuse her desire to move out to the Headquarters as well; besides, she was a good friend of my co-organizer. We piled all of our belongings into my dilapidated 1967 Volkswagen beetle and headed out.

The journey was not easy on my poor car, and we broke down several times en route. When we finally arrived around midday well over a week later, I knocked on the front door and was greeted with a somewhat gruff - “you’re late” from one of the resident Staff Members. For a laid back college kid, this was a bit of a surprise. I found out later they were expecting me to call during my journey.

"A little later, when Dr. King was told of my arrival - he reacted in a very different manner. He dropped everything and proceeded to give me and my fellow traveler a very full and detailed tour of the Headquarters, taking us in every room and area on the property, patiently explaining what went on and answering all of our questions. It was completely unexpected and meant the world to me. I never imagined someone as important and advanced as Dr. King would spend so much time with me, a 21 year old college kid."

Nine years later, after a successful stint as a volunteer Staff Member with an outside job, slowly climbing the corporate ladder at AT&T, Dr. King asked me to become a full time Staff Member, living and working on the property.

During the next 10 years, until his passing, I was privileged to see and help His Eminence in ways I could not have dreamed of as I drove up in my Volkswagen bug in March 1978.

It has become clear that the last Phase of Dr. King’s mission was to create powerful Spiritual Missions for Earth that could be continued by ordinary humans, aided by Interplanetary Agencies into the future. You can imagine this was no easy task. The few dedicated Staff Team Members who were around him everyday realized that our job was to keep him in tune; do what we could to live up to the instruction by Master Aetherius.

“This phase will necessitate his concentration in specialized ways. Therefore, he must detach from the mass of small details, which together help to run your organization”

Speaking for myself I was not so much focused on doing this because of what the Master Aetherius said, but was completely focused on doing what our Master wanted me to do. Not always successfully to be sure. However, I considered myself on Dr. King’s Staff first and foremost. This came before The Aetherius Society. He reinforced this many times when I was with him during certain Missions, when he asked me to stay out of the Mission and instead focus on him. He told me this was much more important for me to do.

Although I was on Dr. King’s Staff for the nine years previous and would see him nearly every day, I learned more about this amazing Master in the first year of living and working with him than in the previous nine. I think most people would agree that when you live and work with someone 24 hours a day, every day, you really start to learn and understand that person.

Very soon my role became one of helping him communicate with the many Aetherius Society centers around the world, as well as the large Staff Team he had in Los Angeles. Much to my surprise he also had me record and transcribe his many Mental Transmissions with the advanced Extraterrestrials who were helping our world. At times he even had me help prepare his questions to Cosmic Masters such as the Master Aetherius.

Through this most fortunate access to the mind of one of the greatest to come to Earth I could see his tremendous dedication and focus. However, please believe me when I say it was extremely difficult. 80 to 90% of the time was spent in somewhat normal work. Errands, food, clothes, healing, mundane admin, paying of bills, maintenance on vehicles, dealing with normal personnel issue. The bread and butter of material existence. Though normal, when such things are done for a Master of the calibre of Dr. King, there was an exponential increase in difficulty and stress! However, the other 20% was very amazing. Hearing first hand Dr. King communicating with Adept Number Five, the Master Aetherius, Mars Sector 6 and many more. Helping him setup Operation Sunbeam and The Saturn Mission into the future. Even meeting, in the etheric body, a great Being from Satellite No. 3. And interwoven between these extremes, were countless occasions of friendship. The mutual, in sync banter during nightly TV viewing, the friendly walks in a nearby park in Santa Barbara, eating lunch and dinner together, the occasional shared cocktail time, excursions to the beach in his motor home for a walk, exploring different espresso machines, a compassionate hug upon the realization of his stomach cancer. Each of those would require their own story to do proper justice.

But to pull it all together the end picture was a Master incredibly talented, and advanced and intense and focused. Spending so much time with him during the last 10 years of his life was a great blessing and one for which I am eternally grateful to my Spiritual Master.

Though such a relationship as I had is no longer possible, I am sure that these words by the Master Aetherius apply to all who are here now and able to help the essential mission brought here by The King Who Came to Earth.

(continued from beginning of blog)

"This is of great importance to mankind, and, I think you will find later, to the planet as a whole. Never were ordinary terrestrials like yourselves, in the past, given greater responsibilities than you have now. But, balancing that fine Karmic balance, never have such a few ordinary terrestrials like yourselves been given greater opportunities to advance in such a way that you will be able to manipulate Karma, so that your future lives will not be fraught with the frustrations as your present lives have been. Your reward for your complete devotion and dedication to this majestic cause will be forthcoming to those who deserve it."

~ The Master Aetherius

I encourage everyone with the heart and compassion to help our world to investigate this astounding Spiritual Master through reading his biography and by visiting the companion website. On this site,, we have picked the photos, videos, Transmissions and Lectures that best paint the picture of this unique Avatar who came to Earth 100 years ago. Take the opportunity you now have to get to know this great one, and help him through his mission to Earth.

© 2020 Brian Keneipp

Transmission extract from the Master Aetherius: © 1977 The Aetherius Society

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