Young and restless
1974 was a significant year. As an 18-year old lad, my parents allowed me to take a year off before starting university to go on a 10-month adventure in Central America. During this trip, I learned about God and the power of prayer. Above: passport photo from that period.
Dr. King and me
This is one of my favorite shots of Dr. King and me when I was in my late 20s. See other favorites of mine in the album.
Wearing my Bishop "hat"
With my co-author
Looking back from the launch of the biography of Dr. King with a select few photos over the 6 years producing this book
Sharing King Yoga
Besides this photo from Yogananada Fest in 2018, this album contains a selection of photos of me sharing King Yoga at different events, including festivals, pilgrimages and lectures/classes.
Favorite shots I took
These are some of my favorite shots from recent years since Dr. King's passing. Interestingly, they are all from different sacred sites.
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